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Kindness is weakness

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment editor

Battlecat by Nychos (@nychos )

Kindness is a weakness so infiltrate the peace

Violence taste sweet-less but you say it is sweet

Blood is like a cherry plastered atop the icing

And love is much too scary after you stop the fighting

Guardians without compensation are volunteers

And the audience who’s watching is contemplating a common fear

Protect and serve the vulnerability of a lover’s fate

By neglecting and hurting them willingly another day

Defense is a coping mechanism so lose the drugs

Or keep them for smoking and the decision of choosing love

Succumbing to the societal disease of peer pressure

Cause loving is an unreliable belief that we’ll be here together

It is an assembly line of robotic creatures incapable of doing

Yet every time such iconic features are sensationally pursuing

Ignoring is ignorance to those with perfect vision

Warning to limit its hopes and make a worthless decision

Mentality is the mind’s process of dealing with details

It ends happily with time, nonsense and the feeling that we failed

It is endless and has a vicious temper, untameable

And pretentious but it is tender so you're not safe at all

Danger is the nicotine for veins and pain is smoke

A chamber that sticks to feens like a stain and claim its soap Cleanliness fades with touch and temptations

Meaning it escapes yet you love the sensation

The ability to have the impossible is such an accomplishment

But tranquility is an obstacle and too much is a consequence

Therefore punishments are kind so rewards are fake

Have fun with it in your mind but you’ll be torn, then break

What falls before your eyes is regret and resentment

Like an assault to stay alive when each breath seems endless

Forever ago, was backbone and now it is spineless

So you measure the growth and what has shown refinements

All that’s clear is the strength in what remains fragile

Fall back in fear at the expense of a painful battle

State that it is peaceful to please yourself when night falls

But break when people leave without help when it’s the right call

Learning is for idiots because a genius has hindsight

The hurting that affiliates is its meanest when the time’s right

Yet time has no perception of the peace so it isn’t powerful

At nine the seconds are deceased, not knowing where the hour goes


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