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Improvements to our home

Jenfrin Rodriguez

Sports Editor

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Alumni Stadium was given the green light for some improvements in the near future. First with the installation of artificial turf on the field for the soccer and lacrosse teams. The second thing being the construction of a new outdoor track and field complex that will hold over one thousand spectators.

The significance of both initiatives is the lasting impact they can have on the school going forward. Not only can this be helpful in recruiting student athletes and students as well, but having something to take gratification in as a college community. Director of Athletics Don Tencher alluded to this project potentially giving the school an opportunity to add additional sports down the line.

As far as the future goes, who knows what sports can join the Anchormen. However the possibilities can be endless and some options are now starting to look more realistic.

Tencher was very appreciative of how the school was handling things during the pandemic. He also expressed gratitude to the Budget Director Rob Eaton as well as the rest of the administrative staff for being able to finally make these projects happen after many years in the making.

For the first project the turf will not be the only thing changing, although it will be the most noticeable change. The stadium will have new fences, walkways and a new video board. In total the upgrades will hold over 3,500 spectators.

As far as the development of an outdoor track and field complex, big changes are coming. Currently, the practice facility is going to be the place for the upgrade. The facility plans to have seating for a thousand spectators, lighting, and a building that includes concession stands, restrooms and a press box.

President Sanchez met with a handful of student athletes at the stadium with golden shovels to symbolize the beginning of something that was long overdue for the school.

The completion of both projects are said to be expected by the end of 2022.



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