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How To find your niche in photography

Isabella Santoro

Photography Editor

Photo by Andre Furtado

Every person interested in photography likes to focus on certain things and it never ceases to amaze what one is capable of. There are so many different types of photography that it can be hard to pin down which you want to focus on the most, but it’s easier than you might think. I discovered nature and landscape photography was my niche after years of taking pictures, but everyone discovers their interests in different timeframes.

First you have to figure out which kinds of pictures you enjoy taking or an emotion to drift towards, even unconsciously. If you are good at portraits but find yourself leaning towards fashion, then go with your gut and what feels right. Think about what you’re most passionate about and take it from there. It is helpful to look through your camera roll and see which kind of photos you’ve taken the most of. Think about the types and angles you tend to stay away from or have no interest in taking. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at any certain kind of photography if it’s not what you’re passionate about.

What is also helpful to think about are the kinds of photography that scare you and challenge you. Sometimes focusing on a challenging aspect can be helpful to rule out what you’re great at so you can see what needs improvement. If you’re passionate about landscape photography but it’s not your strong suit, then try taking a few landscape photos, analyze what you like and don’t like about each photo. Talk to a peer, see what they like and don’t like and take it from there. You can look at the parts of the photo that are striking and ones that stand out to get an idea of how to analyze your photography.

You should also remember that just because you don’t like your photo does not mean it's bad, or that it’s not worth anyone seeing. Photos can always be taken again or improved with filters or edits. A camera is rather flexible, so use that to your advantage and work it any which way you want to. Take some time to play with filters and editing styles to also get a sense of what filters you prefer.

You can always have more than one niche in photography because there are so many that it can be hard to choose one. You shouldn’t have to. Your niche might not be the type of photography, but how you take pictures and edit them. You may love taking black and white photos, or maybe you’re more technical and like to focus on the depth, exposure and other techniques with a camera. The possibilities are endless.

Take some time to research different types of photography and see which ones you feel the most passionate about. This can help when taking photos you're passionate about but unsure what kind of photos they are. If you come up empty handed and aren’t sure, that is okay too.

The most important thing to remember is that photography is supposed to be fun and to bring you joy. It should never feel like a chore or something you’re not certain about.


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