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Greek Week brings campus together

Kelcy Conroy

A&E Editor


Last week, RIC’s annual Greek Week brought friendly rivalry to three of campus’s sororities and one fraternity. Each year, activities based on the theme of Greek Week occur between the four student organizations. This year’s theme was “Disney Channel Originals,” focusing on movies that were released on Disney Channel in the 2000s and 2010s. Alpha Sigma Phi had the theme of “High School Musical,” Alpha Sigma Tau had the theme of “Camp Rock,” Delta Phi Epsilon had the theme of “Teen Beach Movie” and Theta Phi Alpha had the theme of “Descendants.” 

Monday was the night of “Minute to Win It” where competitors had one minute each to achieve different challenges. Some of the challenges included were a math competition and a cup stacking competition. One representative from each organization competed in each challenge and there were a total of eight challenges. 

On Tuesday three games took place. Two people from each organization played in each game. The first was a “Name That Song” competition where competitors tried to be the first to name a song that played. All of the songs were from Disney Channel movies, sticking with the theme. “Jeopardy” was the second game, containing questions about Disney Channel movies, facts about Greek Life and facts about Rhode Island College as a whole. The last game was a challenge to see how well you knew the person you were playing with. 

At both of these events you could find attendees from each organization cheering on the competitors and it brought an overall exciting vibe to the week. However, arguably the most exciting part of the week was the Lip Sync Battle on Wednesday between the organizations. Each organization picked songs from the movie of their theme and choreographed lip sync performances for an audience of the other organizations and people from the RIC community to watch, complete with costumes and dancing. Those not in an organization paid five dollars at the door to enter and the money was donated to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Throughout the week there were also small contests that also determined the score of each organization. Greek Life, or Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) partnered with Simply Nutrition in Johnston, Rhode Island. Each organization was assigned a tea and the purpose was a contest to see which organization could sell the most tea. There was also a competition held to see which organization could get the most change into their jar. All of the change from all four jars was donated to Hasbro Children’s Hospital as well. 

At the end of the week, it was Theta Phi Alpha who arose as champions of Greek Week after scoring victories in most of the events. Greek Week was an amazing experience to get to know people in the other organizations and to see the spirit of FSL at Rhode Island College as a whole.


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