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William Fernandes 

Anchor Staff Writer 

Count your blessings even when you experience 

Tragedy you don’t deserve, the loss of a loved one,

A car accident, unemployment, all things that are out

of our control, it’s a test 

Look at the bright side and keep your head up 

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You will come to realize that everybody goes 

Through hard times, you are not alone 

We are all in this together 

Give thanks for the gift of life when you could have

not existed at all, not even a thought, you were put

on this earth for a reason, and that is to be a light to

your brothers and sisters 

We all have difficulty seeing the bigger picture in the

long run, but don’t give up, keep moving, strive, live

each day with a purpose and you will be alright have an

attitude of gratitude and you will be happy now

and forever more, ever accomplished, ever fulfilled


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