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Governor McKee names finalists for Lieutenant Governor

Raymond Baccari

Anchor Staff Writer

Photo via MSN

Governor Dan McKee is getting closer to choosing his Lieutenant Governor. On Thursday, Gov. McKeee released a list of ten finalists who are still up for the vacant Lieutenant Governor’s position.

Gov. McKee said 81 people applied for the position and his team conducted interviews with any applicant who requested one. Initial interviews were conducted on behalf of the governor by; Tony Afonso, Channavy Chhay, Dr. Catarina DaSilva, Brad Dean, Rosa DeCastillo, Erin Donovan Boyle, Brendan Doherty, Craig Dwyer, Chris Farrell, Paulette Hamilton, Bill Murray, Jennifer Ortiz, Joe Polisena, Armand Sabitoni and Kristin Urbach.

According to Andrea Palagi, spokesperson for the governor, ten finalists will be given a second interview that will be conducted by Gov. McKee himself. The finalists are:

  • Former Cranston Mayoral Candidate, Maria Bucci

  • Attorney and founding partner of Partridge, Snow & Hahn, John Partridge

  • Senator Lou DiPalma

  • Former Central Falls Mayor James Diossa

  • Democratic Fundraiser Elizabeth Beretta-Perik

  • Rep. Anastasia Williams

  • Providence City Council President Sabina Matos

  • Rep. Grace Diaz

  • Former State Rep. Joanne Giannini

  • Rep. Bob Phillips

Out of the list of the finalists, State House insiders feel that Gov. McKee will select either James Diossa, Louis DiPalma, Elizabeth Beretta-Perik or Sabina Matos.

“Everyone was offered an initial interview.” Palagi said, referring to the initial 81 applicants. “We expect that about ten individuals will receive a second interview. From there, several individuals will have an interview with the governor. As the governor mentioned last week, we expect a final decision to be made within 30 days.”

Once Gov. McKee nominates his choice for Lieutenant Governor, they will need to be confirmed by the Rhode Island State Senate. The new Lieutenant Governor will then serve out the remainder of McKee’s unfinished term which will be done at the end of 2022. They would be eligible to run for re-election in 2022 and 2026 and could remain in that position until 2030.



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