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Gov. McKee appoints Dennis J. Duffy to Chair the Council on Postsecondary Education

Raymond Baccari

News Editor

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Dennis J. Duffy is the new Chair of the Rhode Island Council on Postsecondary Education (RIOPC). The previous Chair Tim DelGiudice’s second three-year term expired in January. Due to professional obligations, DelGiudice informed Governor McKee that he would not seek another term. On Tuesday, March 29, McKee announced that he was appointing Duffy to succeed DelGiudice.

“Dennis is a leader who has demonstrated his forward-thinking abilities in the workplace, and will pass on that immeasurable experience in his service to the higher education system in Rhode Island. I am confident that he can draw on his successful decades-long career to help strengthen our postsecondary education and workforce training model that will benefit all Rhode Islanders,” said McKee.

Duffy’s tenure on the council began in June of 2014. He is an Alumnus of both URI and Columbia University. Aside from being on the council, Duffy is Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for Boston-based energy infrastructure development firm Energy Management Inc.

RIC is one of two public higher education institutions that the RIOPC provides oversight for. The other college is CCRI. According to their website, the RIOPC’s mission is, “to ensure, promote, and expand postsecondary attainment among all Rhode Islanders by providing an effective system of postsecondary education and workforce training that is high quality, equitable, accessible, affordable, and aligned to PK-12 education and the economy. Rhode Island’s system of postsecondary education should foster the economic, civic, social, and cultural growth of all Rhode Islanders, their communities, and the state.”

Aside from being overseen by the council, RIC students also get an opportunity to serve on the RIOPC. The most recent student representative to serve on the council was Mackenzie Raimond – the President of the Political Science Club. Raimond was appointed in November of 2020. Students serve a two-year term rather than three.

Duffy brings three decades of experience as an attorney with him. After his appointment from McKee, Duffy shared his excitement and looks forward to starting his new position on the council.

He said, “As a graduate of our public college system, I look forward to this opportunity to move our postsecondary programs forward.”

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