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Friends of the Adams Library second annual First Year Research Prize is open

Raymond Baccari

News Editor

Flyer for the contest

The Friends of the Adams Library’s second annual First Year Research Prize is open and accepting submissions. Members of the college’s faculty and staff founded the organization in 1998. According to their website, Friends of the Adams Library’s mission is to “Advocate on behalf of the Library and its Director to the community at large. Obtain support for the Library from public and private sources. [As well as to] promote the Library as a resource center for college and community activities.”

This contest is open to all first-year students at RIC during each Spring semester. First-year students participating are encouraged to send in original work that showcases both independent research and use of information sources. The original work must have been completed by the student(s) in either their first or second semester at the college.

Work that’s eligible for this contest includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Research papers and proposals.

  • Presentations.

  • Posters.

  • Field research.

  • Multimedia projects.

  • Lab reports.

  • Research-informed performances.

  • Research-informed visual arts.

Students will be allowed to enter either individually or in small groups, no more than four, to win a $200 prize. The committee selecting the winners will pick one to two individual students and one small group, who would have to share the prize money. Other prizes for the winners include a letter of recognition from the committee and a chance to have their work published in Adams Library’s DigitalCommons@RIC archive. Winning submissions are also showcased on the library’s website and social media pages.

Students who are interested in submitting their work will have by Friday, Mar. 4. Faculty can also nominate students by no later than Friday, Feb. 18. The committee will contact the winners toward the end of March. Nominations by faculty can be emailed to Amy Barlow at or Molly Bruce Patterson at, both of them are co-chairs of the Library Outreach Committee.

Those who want to enter or learn more about the contest can do so by visiting, The submission form is located in the menu to the left of the webpage.

Additional questions can be emailed to both Barlow and Bruce Patterson. The Anchor’s coverage of last year’s contest and winners can be found here.



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