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Fall 2022 Class registration starts on April 20

Raymond Baccari

News Editor

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It’s that time of the semester for RIC students to register for their classes. Registration for the Fall 2022 semester starts on Apr. 20 at 7 a.m. The hard deadline to register for Fall courses is the day the semester officially begins: Aug. 29. There is important information to know before students fill out their enrollment shopping carts.

Before a student can pick classes for the Fall, they must talk to their advisor. Every student has a universal advising hold until that conversation with the advisor happens. This allows students to go over the game plan and make sure the advisor is kept informed and vice versa. Once the advisor is aware of the student’s plans, they’re able to remove the advising hold.

Registration can be done on the MyRIC website. After logging in, the “Add Class” option can be found under the “Enrollment” section on the page’s left hand column. The steps to finish selecting classes afterward vary from student to student. A new non-degree student may have extra steps compared to a current student. New students will have to create their MyRIC account before selecting classes. Instructions can be found on the RIC website.

Registering for classes on time is important for college students. Some classes are popular and could fill up quickly. Other classes may be offered only once an academic year. There may be one course offered in the Fall that a student can’t take due to their prerequisites. A number of resources are available to avoid those situations – and what some students call the “RIC run-around.”

Most students can set up an appointment with their advisor on StarFish. Some advisors may prefer other methods of communication such as email. The “Student Center” tab is where students can find out who their advisor is. Every program at the college has an Academic Rhode Map that recommends what courses to take and when to take them.

The Records Office can answer any additional questions students may have about registration. The Records Office can be reached by phone at (401) 456-8213 or via email at

Even more information about the Fall 2022 registration is available at



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