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Dates announced for First Congressional District special election

Raymond Baccari


Photo by Raymond Baccari

Voters in Rhode Island’s First Congressional District now have dates to anticipate for the upcoming special election later this year.

Gov. Dan McKee announced that the primary election for this seat is scheduled for Sept. 5, 2023, with a general election set for Nov. 7, 2023.

“Voting is the hallmark of our democracy, and our goal is to make it as understandable as possible for both candidates and voters to ensure the highest turnout possible,” McKee said in a statement Wednesday. “Together with the Secretary of State’s Office and the Board of Elections, my team is committed to ensuring that Rhode Islanders are aware of this special election and engaged in the process. Members of Congress play key roles in ensuring that Rhode Island is represented in Washington, D.C. and we want to ensure Rhode Islanders are participating in selecting their next representative.”

Secretary of State Gregg Amore also unveiled additional dates for voters and candidates to keep in mind throughout this special election cycle.

Candidates running for this seat must be registered to vote in the state by May 31. The deadline for making sure one is affiliated to the party they want to run for in a primary election is that same day.

From June 29 to June 30 is the candidate declaration period. The candidates will then have until July 14 to submit their signatures to the local Board of Canvassers by 4 p.m. that day. The period for candidates to begin collecting signatures is set for no later than July 6.

Voters have until August 6 to be registered in order to vote in the September primary. August 15 is the deadline for sending in a mail ballot application. A day later, August 16, will be when early voting for the primary election begins. Early voting will go until September 5.

For the general election, the voter registration deadline is Oct. 8, and the deadline for applying for a mail ballot is Oct. 17. Early voting for the general election is set to go from Oct. 18 to Nov. 6.

"Over the last several weeks, the Rhode Island Department of State has worked closely with the Governor’s Office to develop the calendar for this upcoming special election,” Amore said in a statement Wednesday. “I look forward to continuing our partnership and working with the Board of Elections and our local cities and towns to ensure an efficient election. I encourage eligible voters and potential candidates to review the proposed calendar and take action now to ensure they are prepared to participate in this upcoming election.”

Those who want to check if they are registered to vote, learn how they can register or if to verify they live in this district can visit


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