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Dahmer: Gruesomely and horrifyingly interesting

Jenarita Plante

Anchor Staff Writer

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October is the height of spooky season and the networks are full of the gruesome, the gorey and the thrilling. Yet there is one series currently on Netflix that is not just horrifying, it’s based on actual events. “Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” is an eerily accurate portrayal of the notorious serial killer.

“Dahmer” is not for the faint of heart. It is gruesome, disturbing and in many instances, unnerving. I don’t often physically turn away from films and shows, but this one had me cringing and afraid to look at times. Yet, something about the storyline had me hooked and wanting to keep watching.

The acting was spot on and is being noted as an extremely accurate portrayal of the real life man. Evan Peters plays the cannibalistic man named Jeffrey Dahmer. Peters is a phenomenal actor who is known for playing twisted and disturbing characters. His work in “American Horror Story” where he has often played villainous characters set him up perfectly for this role. His haunting portrayal of Dahmer sent literal shivers down my spine.

The show was very obviously meticulously researched, the data was gone through with a fine toothed comb before the screenplay was written. The purpose of the series doesn’t seem to be to gain sympathy or empathy for Dahmer, it also doesn’t seem to be a way to form excuses for the atrocities he commited, but more so is a way to understand the events that happened.

A major draw for the show is not just that it gives insight into the life of Dahmer, it also tells the stories of the victims, giving them life again and letting the world know just what these young men were like. You learn about their backstories, empathize with the families, plead for their safety and mourn each loss. The series ends with a memorial of sorts to each of them, putting a face to each name. It also tells the stories of the unnamed victims: Dhamer’s family, neighbors and acquaintances.

If you like the thriller genre, you may just want to watch “Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” Keep in mind, you will need a good stomach for this series as it is disturbing, gruesome and unnerving. Yet, you may just step inside the mind of a serial killer thanks to Peters’ hauntingly accurate portrayal.


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