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Crying Candles

Lissette Quiñones

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Image via Bithin Raj

Orange bled into the dark room like blood from the sun

But the more she wept, the more her heart grew from the love she said was done

The black walls tattooed her skin with lifeless scars

But after all, she had to admit how she liked this part

I walked in and tried to comfort her, but the blanket of smoke covered her bones

She’s lost within the life of a sufferer and languished from the only love she’s ever known

‘You’ve lost your sense,’ I said, but her mind seduced the air like perfume

She didn’t talk until she said, ‘why come to my rescue when it was I who hurt you?’

Silence dripped down our mouths like wax does to a candle

‘Because why would I give up now if the beauty of love is to be dismantled?’

She melted into pieces but my reply gave tranquility

‘I’m too selfless to go and leave this and so I will stay willingly’

She grew quiet, and instead let her eyes become waterfalls that defined her truth

But it was too silent, so I said ‘and in some ways, afterall, didn’t I hurt you?’

‘Nonsense, your laws set me free and your love was the covenant’

‘But the concept of it all was for me to be your punishment’

She buried her head within herself as the walls sweat from the heat

‘While I love how it’s hurting again, all I want is for you to let me be’

‘Your wish is my command, but before I go let me ask you one question’

‘If you insist that our love stands, would you say now it is far past what you had reckoned?’

She whispered, ‘I could ask you the same,’ but her words burned the echoes

And while it did hurt to basque in this pain, it hurt even worse to let go

She raised her head, but this time her face showed my complexion

‘This is insane,’ I said, but in my mind it came close to perfection

I reached for her hand but she burned to the touch, like wicks to a flame

‘It seems as though I understand why it hurts to be loved and why this brings me pain’

I tried to sit by her side, but she blew out the light, and left

The darkness of the fire died and it was too hard to reignite, and so I wept.


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