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Art Director’s pick: Rey Plante

Drawing by Rey Plante

Sierra Tanzi

Art Director

Today we delve into the creative realm of artist Rey Plante, a world where colors become narratives and pen strokes convey emotions. Plante is a first-year student at RIC who is studying secondary education with a concentration in history. Despite their passion for history, they’ve had a passion for art since they were a kid that plays an important role in their personal life.

Plante started their art journey by joining any art class they could find. They explained that "...when my teacher mentioned we would be doing a pen and ink project, I wanted to challenge myself." From this assignment and their drive to create, their submission, “Flora,” was born. “Flora” was created using the techniques of hatching and cross-hatching, the use of parallel or crossing lines as a way to create shading. Plante used these techniques to give the piece as much detail as possible.

Plante has been greatly inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. “Even though I’m not a big painter,” Plante begins, “His journey through art and self expression has always captivated me.” Outside of the art world, Plante is inspired by their grandmother, who they have looked up to from a young age, and their high school teachers, who taught them what it means to be a good teacher. “Art has given me an outlet to express myself and my interests,” Plante says. They believe art is something they do just for themselves, not for anyone else. Plante believes that, “If people really saw/heard what artists were trying to say/express with their pieces, people would gain a whole new perspective on a lot of important things.”

Rey Plante leaves us with a profound insight, a reminder that art comes from within. If Plante could give any advice to incoming artists, they would tell them to “Pick up a pencil, paintbrush, or whatever tool you feel like using and just move. Even if you’re making random scribbles at first, you never know what your brain will see in those inorganic shapes. A blob of green can turn into a forest, or some curved lines could be the starting point for a face. You never know what you’re truly capable of unless you try.”

This interview has undoubtedly shed light on Plante’s journey and will resonate with readers for a long time to come. Plante is not currently working on any projects, but they submitted “Flora” as a way to dive back into the creative world.

If you wish to join Plante in putting yourself and your work out there, email the Anchor Art Director at


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