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A Rather Shallow Grave

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Isabella Santoro

Photography Editor

Photo by Isabella Santoro

It doesn’t take a moment

Or even a fleeting second

It doesn’t take a single day

Or a week you think will never end

It takes a lifetime

The memories of what is not buried

But simply sitting on the surface

What can never truly be put to rest

It doesn’t take talking to someone

Who’s paid to listen to your shit

The one you air your dirty laundry to

The mess that always stays the same

It takes forever and a day

The feel of being crushed under his weight

To fade into a simple haunting of touch

A ghost that stays close to your heart

It doesn’t take a swimming pool of tears

That you’ve cried into your dusty pillow

One that you can simply drown in

Where you float but can never paddle

It’s a shallow grave of despair

That sits for eternity

Waiting for you to surrender

And sink into the dirt


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