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A night of healing

Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro

Managing Editor

Flyer created by Brynn Terry

RICovery, Rhode Island College’s peer-to-peer support group and recovery awareness club, is hosting a panel that will include a night of stories, questions and discussion. This panel is currently scheduled for Monday, March 13 at 7 p.m. in the Clarke Science Building.

Several people who are in recovery for substances or have a relationship with recovery will share their stories. Afterwards, those in attendance will have an opportunity to ask questions and have meaningful dialogue in a panel-type discussion with those who shared one of the most vulnerable parts of themselves.

The event will serve multiple purposes for those in attendance, creating a night to remember. By listening to others sharing their stories and experiences, the message of “you are not alone” will be shared, among others. It is true that substances affect everyone in different capacities, but the commonalities of substance issues will be brought to light.

Participants will have a chance to grow their support system, as well as meet new people and form new friendships. Students who are not in recovery or are otherwise not affected by recovery are also encouraged to attend, as this panel will educate those seeking knowledge about substance use experiences and recovery.

Taking the first step towards recovery, and maintaining recovery, is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to change one’s behavior, and even more to maintain the newfound changes. Recovery takes a mental, physical and spiritual toll on a person.

RICovery is not an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous group, but an educational community for students centered on, and in, recovery. They provide a safe, supportive and open environment for students to talk about their experiences and to receive support from one another. Members do not have to be in recovery themselves to join, they can be affected by someone who is in recovery.

The organization also holds NARCAN training and provides free overdose prevention kits and supplies.

All students are welcome and encouraged to attend the panel, whether affected by recovery or not. Attendees are guaranteed a memorable experience and may even learn a few things about the recovery process.

Those who want to learn more information about either RICovery or this panel are encouraged to email the organization’s President, Brynn Terry, at


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