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A newcomer’s guide to RIC’s Student Activities fair

Olivia Barone

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Image from @ricstudentactivities Instagram

RIC’s Student Activities Fair is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 20 from 12-2 p.m on the Quad. Our fingers are crossed for a sunny afternoon so RIC students can meet the friendly faces of the clubs that create our campus community. Whether you’re new to RIC or need a refresher, here is The Anchor’s guide to this fall’s Student Activities fair.

Did you know that RIC has upwards of sixty student-run organizations? Home to a diverse range of clubs that are governed by students such as yourself, RIC has plenty of opportunities to be involved and make connections. On Wednesday, tables will line the Quad, each belonging to a club. Members from each student-organization will be there to recruit, answer questions and provide information about their respective club. The Student Activities Fair can be overwhelming, but is the ideal place to find the club perfect to hone your interests and make your experience at RIC the best it can be.

Some clubs are the perfect opportunity to expand your major. The English Club, Biology Club, Psych Society, Physical Science Club and others can help you meet other Anchors who are following a similar career path. However, you do not need to major in a relevant field to join if you are simply looking to explore a new interest. Other clubs cater to hobbyists, like the Games and Merriment Enthusiasts of RIC (G.A.M.E.R), the Chess Club and Ballroom Dance Club, all of which will be available for you to check out on Wednesday.

Of course, no campus community is complete without Greek Life. A collection of brotherhood and sisterhoods designed to promote student growth both socially and academically, Greek Life is a great way to bond with fellow students and take advantage of new opportunities. RIC’s sororities include Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Phi Epsilon, Theta Phi Alpha and Zeta Phi Beta. Also on campus are two fraternities, namely Alpha Sigma Phi and Kappa Sigma. Finally, RIC’s social fellowship organization Groove Phi Groove is a group of like-minded individuals, rather than a brotherhood or sisterhood.

There is still more to be found at the Student Activities Fair, including your campus media organizations. Namely, The Anchor, Anchor TV and WXIN. RIC’s newspaper, broadcasting station and radio station respectively will be at the fair and available to provide information. We would love to have you visit us at The Anchor!

Student organizations are your campus families. Since joining The Anchor and involving myself on campus, I have not only grown as a student but as an individual. I implore you to be bold and visit the Student Activities Fair. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your RIC experience.


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