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90.7 WXIN: What will they do next?

Kaicie Boeglin


Graphic via Kaicie Boeglin

90.7 WXIN is the radio station where creativity can flourish and Rhode Island College students can immerse themselves. This is no ordinary college organization. 90.7 WXIN is for social interaction both in person and remotely. Whether a student wants to be involved for the school, oneself, philanthropy or solely for creativity, WXIN is the choice for all.

WXIN can be found on twitch, under 90.7 WXIN Rhode Island College Radio. If on campus, one can listen to the frequency 90.7FM. The iconic song choices can also be heard through WXIN speakers outside the Ducey Media Center.

Currently run and organized by Brynn Terry, WXIN works to bring awareness of diversity through their events and how the events are planned. The group also co-sponsors with different organizations when applicable. WXIN is most notable for their most recent painting pumpkins, Radiothon and tie dye t-shirt making at campus activities day, among the awesome music they play.

The next WXIN event is a Destiny's Child themed paint night on Dec. 2, at 6 p.m. in the Student Union ballroom. Terry added that the group is also hosting a Family Feud night on Nov. 24, in the Beestro Cafe from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Terry spoke on the pandemic's miraculous effects on WXIN. "We`ve gone digital, [using] Spotify playlists. That way the playlists [the] music directors create each week can be sent around and not only heard on-air during specific times. People can follow the music directors as well, or just the playlist. We also were able to learn how to change how we do events in terms of what yearly events we were doing. For example, we used to have a Valentine`s Day Event in February, but last year we couldn't come up with something to do virtually, so we decided we wanted to host something for Black History month instead. It was a really fun and informative event. We ended up doing another one in March for Women's History month to celebrate women in music. Being separated started to connect us in a lot of new ways. We also started figuring out how to integrate/celebrate local businesses through this a bit more, as we gave out gift cards to black-owned local businesses in February and female-owned ones in March as trivia prizes."

Currently general meetings for the radio station are in person on campus in the President's dining room on Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. Terry noted, "we try to keep things short with meetings, but the E-Board is always available afterward to talk. On-Air show ideas and interests can reach out to, and podcasts can reach out to I also want to note that on-air shows don`t need to mean talking and can totally mean playing your favorite music for an hour or two!"




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