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90.7 WXIN continues to jam with nights one and two of Rock Hunt 2023

Alex Paul

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Photo by Alex Paul

Founded in 1971, 90.7 WXIN has been Rhode Island College’s student-run radio station. This past Thursday, April 13, marked the second night of WXIN’s annual Rock Hunt event at the Beestro Cafe. This event has been rocking on for decades, as it has been a tradition at RIC since the 1980s. WXIN’s Rock Hunt is a battle-of-the-bands style search for the hottest jams by local bands from both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Thursday featured music from bands such as “Plastyc Peachez,” “Depopulate Montana,” “Bare Cove,” “Guess Method,” “Zigmont,” “Socially Problematic Children” and “Electric Paisan.”

Throughout the three nights this event takes place in April, all 13 bands performing have a chance to win cash prizes. The top three bands earn a cash prize, with the first place band winning $1,000, second place winning $700 and third place winning $300. As this was only the second session of the annual event, this week’s Rock Hunt attendees will get to see the final results and crown their top three band champions.

The first and second weeks consist of partying with six bands each and from those six bands, the top three from each week are then sent to the final round.

“Next week we’ll have the top three bands from tonight and the top three bands from last week to compete in the final round,” Bennett Whitcomb, general manager of WXIN, told The Anchor. “A lot has changed over the years. WXIN is now under new direction, it looks different but now we get to mosh among other things. Everything has improved and it’s overall a better WXIN.”

The night started off slowly with groups forming, as musicians discussed game plans for the evening. One RIC student told The Anchor, “The whole place will be wall to wall by the second band. We have a lot of rock, indie, and alt rock playing here tonight.” This estimate was no joke. By the third song, the audience had come to life, with those in attendance becoming a sea of bobbing heads.

The walls of the Beestro were packed full of brave party-goers, the middle of the room filled with moshers, all bobbing, weaving and raving to the music. Strobe lights, guitars, drums and cheers filled the room.

After the festivities, students got to vote by scanning QR codes and selecting their favorite band performances. Night two saw “Plastyc Peachez,” “Guess Method” and “Socially Problematic Children” place first, second and third respectively. They move on to night three, where night one’s winners, “Indelego” in first place, “Namé” in second place and “Rowing Club” in third place are also set to play.

Students and visitors are encouraged to attend the last session of this year’s annual Rock Hunt, scheduled for Thursday, April 20. Students at RIC can get in for free once they show their student ID and tickets for visitors who aren’t students cost $5.

Kane Davies, a member of WXIN, is excited for the final night, telling The Anchor, “We’re going to have a great time on 4/20.”

The last night of Rock Hunt will also be in the Beestro on Thursday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. So come on down, join the fun and rock on.


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