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Zachary Zavorskas and the “Unexpected”

Lissette Quiñones

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Image via Zachary Zavorskas

Meet Zachary Zavorskas, a senior here at Rhode Island College majoring in photography. He came to the Anchor to offer some of his incredible pieces to share. His work may be a bit solemn compared to other pieces, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Regardless, he hopes those that connect to it feel raw emotion. Especially with COVID-19 and the unexpected turn of events that occurred because of the global pandemic.

Zach always had a passion for photography, but he started to seriously consider making a career out of it his senior year of high school. During those younger days, he was able to think intently about his creativity and develop the emotional construct for his projects. When asked what inspires him most to create a piece, he says “Honestly, every day I get inspired by my surroundings and think about how I can make a strong composition.”

His current project is actually a new series he is working on called “Unexpected,” inspired by COVID and the pandemic. He wanted to make sure that he created something when the shut down initially began because of the sudden change in everyone’s lives. “It has molded us all in one way or another and most importantly, it was unexpected, hence why I titled my work as such.”

The series is a visual expression of his current emotions with the pandemic still going on, and while photography is his main expertise, he has also just made a video project that exemplifies the same ideas and emotions as his photos. Although he has a busy schedule, he is currently working on creating a website to showcase his talent and continue pursuing his passion.

We hope to hear more about Zachary Zavorskas work, and can’t wait for the website to be created sometime in the future!


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