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“Women’s Trailblazers in music”: The underdog story

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Are you a fan of the underdogs? Here is a great opportunity to cheer on another couple of wonder-some heroes! Exclusively at Rhode Island College, see the one and only “Women Trailblazers in Music”, created by Judith Lynn Stillman, an artist in residence.

“Women Trailblazers in Music” tells a story about the women composers who were all wiped out from obtaining credit to what was rightfully theirs. It includes performances from RIC alumni as well as Kate Burton, who is an Emmy award-winning actress, Jeanine Kane, a Gamm Theatre performer, the cellist Aristides Rivas, Michelle Esposito of the soprano, RIC’s very own Philharmonic Orchestra Concertmaster Charles Dimmick and principal clarinetist Ian Greitzer.

Stillman herself stated once “These extraordinary women composers have been marginalized, repressed, and shamefully neglected, but should be household names,” another reason why this movie is a cheer for the outcasted and overshadowed group of incredible, game-changing women, who paved the path for those like you and me.

The film will be shown here at RIC’s Sapinsley Hall on Thursday, Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m, with a sneak peak live concert available to other schools that starts at 12:30 p.m. Reserve your FREE tickets by calling (401) 456-8144 and don’t miss the chance to see “Women Trailblazers in Music”, a presentation by RIC’s Masterworks Concerts, Firstworks and Artists & Activist Productions!


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