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Where in the RIC is Gerald?

Olivia Barone

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Photo from Insta @geraldtheturkey_ric

RIC students are no stranger to Gerald, the honorary graduate and enemy of commuters. He is known for holding stand-offs with campus police, stalking Lot J and is so notorious for his antics that Donovan’s turkey club is named “The Gerald” to pay homage to the king of campus himself.

If you have so far avoided his reign of terror, Gerald is RIC’s campus turkey and unofficial mascot. To find him, simply look for the large turkey trying to hitch a ride across campus by peering into the windows of parked cars and pecking at tires. But don’t worry, he’s harmless, provided that you respect his space and throw him a compliment or two to boost his ego.

This fall, students are on the lookout for stuffed Gerald— and no, we don’t mean with cornbread. On the first Tuesday of every month, RIC’s Student Activities committee will be hiding a Squishmallow turkey somewhere on campus for students to find. The first hint was posted on the Student Activities Instagram, on Sept. 5, claiming that Gerald would be overlooking the quad in a spot where students could have their picture taken. The plush Gerald was found that afternoon, and the winner received a new pair of JBL headphones from the campus bookstore.

If you are interested in participating next month, keep your eye on the Student Activities Instagram page on October 3, where a new hint will be posted. If you’re lucky enough to spot plush Gerald, simply bring him to the Student Life Hub in the Student Union to receive your prize. However, be warned that the real Gerald will not be accepted by Student Activities. Please do not attempt to capture any wild turkeys out of respect for our beloved campus friend.

To keep up with the RIC’s most famous turkey, you can follow his official Instagram page and look out for both him and his plush friend on the first Tuesday of every month when Student Activities asks, “Where in the RIC is Gerald?”


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