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What in the seasons is going on?

Samantha Gervais

Anchor Staff Writer

Photo via Sam Cvx/Pexels

This January and December has been a bit warmer and less snowy than usual. I’ve heard numerous people discuss how they’ve either absolutely adored the fact that these past two months have been so unseasonably warm and below average in snowfall while others say they wish that there would be at least “a little bit of snow” at least to make it feel like winter.

I must admit, I’m on the side of wanting it to snow, though I do complain when it’s cold out and I’m walking from building to building. In my defense, that’s what winter is about. It’s about being cold and being in a snowy environment, especially living in the Northeast. I know that plowing, shoveling and driving in the snow and walking on the ice all is a chore and makes everyone’s lives frustrating, but to look on a more optimistic standpoint: When you’re inside with warm blankets and a pet, there’s nothing that beats that feeling.

Next, we have spring coming up. Well, what I refer to as the “invisible” season. I truly don’t believe that spring exists anymore. I know it does in a scientific sense, though in the sense of temperature, it goes from one extreme to the other. One second, it’ll be warm, a soft breeze blowing outside, warm enough to wear a t-shirt and sandals and a pair of jeans. Then, suddenly, you need your winter jacket, your snow boots and your phone is screaming at you about a snowstorm incoming – you know what sound I’m talking about.

Now summer; I know for sure I’m going to get a lot of flak and lash back for this and I’m ready for it, everyone. I’ve braced myself. My opinion about summer: I think it’s the worst of the four seasons. Let me explain why I say that before everyone gets out pitchforks and knives and starts gathering the angry mobs. I personally am just not a huge fan of heat. I get hot flashes easily and, having hot flashes in summer isn’t a pretty sight, my friends. I also never said I didn’t like summer, I just like it the least of the four seasons because of the overwhelming heat and humidity, but of course it has its positives.

My personal favorite has got to be fall. I am an avid photographer and lover of everything fall, so the moment I see a single leaf on the ground and it’s the “burr” months, I’m instantly in my element. There’s just something about the transition, the colors and the idea of transitioning to “rest” for a while that is relaxing to me.

Lastly and of course, there’s where we are now, which is winter. Winter is an alright season, but actually – it isn’t alright. It certainly doesn’t feel like winter. If I recall correctly, winter temperatures don’t include being in the 40s and high 30s, especially going into February.

This isn’t okay. Maybe we should be wishing for snow and a little more of a chill than for convenience. Our Northeastern winters are becoming warmer, and these winters that we used to be so accustomed to and “famous” for will become history if we don’t change our tunes soon.


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