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Watch the new musical “Sophia, Our Beloved" free

Katarina Dulude

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For those who love theatre, the past year has definitely been lacking, particularly when it comes to live productions. While we haven’t quite reached a point where it’s safe to return to theaters, there is a show you can bring to your home virtually. A reading of “Sophia, Our Beloved”, a new musical, will be available to stream for free on Mar. 26-27 at 8 p.m. and on Mar. 28 at 2 p.m.

“Sophia, Our Beloved” is a musical composed by up-and-coming performer, playwright, and composer Joriah Kwamé. Through a partnership with Los Angeles-based Farmers Alley Theatre, a full-length reading of the show will be available during the aforementioned dates and times. The show centers on Leigh, Allie Grace, an orphaned teenage girl looking for a place where she belongs. When she stumbles upon the town of Moseby, Arkansas, she is mistaken for Sophia Cartright, a long-lost daughter of a prominent local family. Pretending to be Sophia gives Leigh a life she could never have dreamed of, but at a hefty price. Along the way, Leigh begins to realize that she is not the only one in Moseby pretending to be someone she is not.

Joriah Kwamé gained fame after winning the Write Out Loud Award for his song “Little Miss Perfect.” The song is performed by Taylor Louderman, known best for her role as Regina George in Broadway’s “Mean Girls.” After its release, “Little Miss Perfect” soared in popularity, particularly among the LGBTQ community. In response to its immense popularity online, the song is being turned into a full-length musical of its own by the same name with an album that is expected to be released later this year.

Kwamé wrote the book, song and lyrics for “Sophia, Our Beloved” and has been working on the show for the past six years. Two songs from the show, “What You Wanted” and “Winter” can be listened to on Kwamé’s YouTube channel.

Free tickets to the virtual production of “Sophia, Our Beloved”can be obtained here.


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