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VumaTV Launches globally with Red Bee

Sh-Ron Almeida

Asst. Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Netflix, Hulu and Tubi step aside because we got a new streaming service in town! For the minorities who ever felt cheated of a proper representation of their native nation in the blockbusters, this is extraordinary news. VumaTV has a big dream to unify people all over the world by offering authentically diverse studio quality content that commemorates culture, ethnicity, gender and intellect.

“VumaTV was created for inquisitive audiences worldwide who demand authentic and true diversity in every aspect of their lives. Our viewers aren’t just searching for unique stories, they’re also driven by the richness of cultural experiences. Working with an experienced partner like Red Bee, we can fully realize our vision and deliver these stories in broadcast quality with an excellent user experience to devices globally for free. The flexibility and scalability of Red Bee’s services, combined with the advertising technology from Nowtilus, is essential for providing our global audiences with content not available on other platforms.” Said Alberto Marzan, Founder and CEO of VumaTV.

Thanks to the combined efforts of global media services company Red Bee Media and its partner Nowtilus, VumaTV can be launched globally through major devices and platforms. VumaTV is capable of streaming over 1,200 hours of content, including world-exclusive films, documentaries and creative shorts from over 50 international productions. Additionally, Red Bee Media has promised that VumaTV will also include a curated set of channels with globally sourced content in French, Spanish and English.


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