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“Upload”; A Binge-worthy satirical sci-fi

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Jenarita Plante

Anchor Staff Writer

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For those interested in sci-fi shows, the Amazon Prime show “Upload” mixes so many elements of science and romance to form a quirky and fun romantic comedy. Season two premiered on Amazon and with only seven episodes; it is a quick binge session. Honestly it took about two days to watch the series, if I didn’t have a hoard of children running around, I probably could have finished both seasons in one day. The show is satirical to hold attention and quick enough to watch in between busy schedules.

“Upload” follows the relationship of Nathan Brown, played by Robbie Amell, and Nora, played by Andy Adell. In the first season Nathan is a snobby and wealthy computer programer who is killed when his self-driving car crashes. His wife Ingrid, has him uploaded to a digital afterlife, Lakeview. Upon his arrival there, he has a still living guide referred to as an Angel named Nora. Nora is there to help him with his every whim via a virtual reality system. Lakeview is a very odd yet interesting place. Minds are literally uploaded there and they can be visited by their still living family. Lakeview runs on data and the amount of data each user gets depends on what their family gives them. The concept for this show is an interesting one, I don’t think there is a single person I know that wouldn’t love the opportunity to visit lost family and friends.

While in Lakeview, Nathan begins to fall for Nora - only two problems arise for him. He is still married to Ingrid – and he is deceased while Nora is alive. Both season one and season two have their share of drama and comedy. Not everyone is as innocent as they seem, and there are many mysteries to be solved. Nora and Nathan must constantly battle with what is right and what they want. This battle goes on through both seasons, although season two begins with the pair in very different places – literally. By the end of the second season, prospects are looking to be on the upswing for the two. However the final episode leaves a major cliffhanger; meaning that hopefully Amazon already has a third season in the works. If you want a quick binge-worthy show, “Upload” is a great satirical sci-fi to check out.


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