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Transient State

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo by Kaicie Boeglin

I have a secret I want to share

A whisper of curiosity and despair

A lonely heart grown old-

is forever doomed in all that's known.

What is the monstrosity skilled and leveled in animosity?

I believe it to be me: a glimpse of a teenage lobotomy.

The role of human kind is a trick,

Something subtle and cannot be missed.

History begins to repeat,

just as we find our words to speak...

Neutrality is an action all of us know

but the courageous become legends highlighted in bold.

Answer me this-

just to riddle me that-

Speak your wisdom with truth and facts,

You're lost, you feel alone,

You cursed yourself with a heart gone cold

No idea what to need, No idea what to want,

desires cannot manifest themselves in the dark.

Thoughts are mistakes and actions are dreams-

you can't rise above with the soul still asleep

The certainty of the future brings obscurity

Where to know all shows no prosperity-

Stay here to begin a life demoted,

or carry on for a chance at a heart remolded

Between now and then you’ll find a focus.

Patience is a virtue you find in psychosis


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