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The Unambiguous Nation (Part 2)

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

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I heard about Kalief Browder the innocent one tortured by a higher power,

from then on I was forever inspired

Rest in peace to Kalief,

but there is more justice we need to seek.

Reopen the Kendrick Johnson case!

There's evidence of an underground organ trade.

The boy was exhumed three times to prove the initial theory of an accident was a lie;

Yet the case is still closed- with no surprise.

They see skin which they call vile,

I see a heartbroken mother who lost her child,

Parents losing children and teens losing parents,

while they bust off clips like a list of errands

If you listen to these messages you will see, there is no way to erase history

but we clearly need a new decree,

And proper education to erase the being of trigger-happy.

So draft some legislation and send your ideas into office,

because all it takes is attempts for one to not be a novice

Now for something I don't want to admit,

But at the end of the day my heart hurts for it

I hate being white ‘cause they won't take this seriously,

but when a black person speaks they don't always hear clearly.

So my skin may be a blessing and a curse

However it shouldn't matter, so hear my words.

Voting season is closing in

Equality should not be determined by skin

Remember when you cast your vote you choose who will be watching,

Big Brother had a plan, but now the people are plotting.

This one missed the ball

so it's time for a new batter,

Utilize this moment to make some serious chatter.

Because life cannot get any sadder as we are humans standing together screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER!


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