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The Unambiguous Nation

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

You want to be inspired, well here's some energy to fuel the fire:

Let's talk about Kendrick or Kalief, the two that wanted to stand and just wanted to speak.

You want to get riled up, but don't know how?

At least sign the petitions and do it now!

There's many more than just the two,

So I echo these words, I BREATHE FOR YOU

Five to one then one to four, who will be the next, and how many more?

It didn't start with Gardner and it won't end with Floyd,

PPE costs less than riot gear, so really- don't be coy.

We stand for these men as supremacy has made them a Heaven Sent,

so let me say this again-

as I catapult it loud and clear.


Something different but one-in-the-same, take this moment to say her name!

Remember Breonna Taylor and the events of a no-knock raid.

These police shoot to kill rather than harm;

and claim to be victims behind their firearms

Now how Zimmerman was acquitted even though we know he did it, still confuses me.

How can you sue the family of your murderee claiming a lie of a faulty testimony?

Better yet, how can you claim self-defense when you’re the one who shot a bullet through a 17-year-old’s chest.

Trayvon Martin, Attatiana Jefferson, Tamir Rice, and Walter Scott

Philando Castile, Akai Gurley, Corey Jones, and Stephon Clark,

These are only some of the names of the ones who were shot

Reika Boyd, Michael Brown, Jordan Edwards, Renisha McBride,

With all these shots there's a political outcry

that is deemed correct by a bigot nazi undisguised.

Peaceful protest in a pandemic to end by tear gas,

This isn't the first time we stand so we demand it to be the last.

With this year's vote truly look into a candidate's past

because the change we seek is as clear as glass.

Open your eyes to the situation

Its 2020 and we're still lynching the nation.

It wasn't a hanging it was a suicide-

Give me a medium and let Robert Fuller decide!

Didn't we learn from Emmet Till?

Their deaths are condemned by our free will,

Eric Andre had it right, when he blamed the calvinist that gave this nation life.


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