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The STORGYs has returned

Raymond Baccari


Student Community Government’s (SCG) annual STORGY awards made its highly-anticipated return Friday. This year’s event marked the first STORGYs held by SCG since 2019, with 2020, 2021 and 2022 not seeing a ceremony due to COVID.

SCG went all out when planning this event’s return, holding the ceremony at the Crowne Plaza Hotel located in Warwick.

Students from a number of different organizations at RIC and committees on SCG were recognized for the work they put in throughout this school year. The award categories ranged from Best New Club to Most Outstanding Advisor to Student Organization of the Year.

These are the following students and organizations that won awards during Friday’s ceremony:

  • The Latin American Student Organization (LASO) won Best Social Event Organization for their “50th Anniversary” event.

  • The Resident Student Association won Best On Campus Program for their “Carnival” event.

  • Both Ballroom Dance and LASO won Best Cooperative Program for their “Latin Night” event.

  • G.A.M.E.R.’s “Dave N’ Busters” event won Best On Campus Event.

  • Motherland’s Finest won Most Original Program for their “Black History Month Performance.”

  • The English Club’s “Blind Date with a Book” event won Best Educational Program.

  • Motherland’s Finest won Best New Club.

  • Theta Phi Alpha Sorority won Best Public Service for their “Volunteer Work to help the Homeless” event.

  • Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity won Best Fundraiser for their “Concert for a Cause” event.

  • Motherland’s Finest won Best Cultural Program for their “Black History Month Performance.”

  • Orlia Juarez won Most Active Freshman. Juarez is part of LASO, Sojourn, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and is president of the Freshman Class of 2026.

  • Casey Smith, who is the advisor for the Senior Class of 2023 and Greek Life, won Most Outstanding Advisor.

  • TJ Clifford, who is part of Alpha Sigma Phi, won Most dedicated member of an organization.

  • Asley Coralles won Most dedicated Multi Club Member. Corrales is part of LASO, RIC’s American Marketing Association, treasurer of the Junior Class of 2024 and vice president of SCG.

  • Amber Duffy, president of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, won Best Student Organization President.

  • The Anchor’s very own Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro, who is currently Managing Editor, won Best Student Organization Vice President.

  • Hydin Stallman, secretary for Alpha Sigma Phi, won Best Student Organization Secretary.

  • Jillian Nash, treasurer for 90.7 WXIN, won Best Student Organization Treasurer.

  • Shihren Brower won Most Dedicated Parliament Member.

  • William Dempsey won Most Dedicated Non-Parliament Committee Member.

  • And WXIN won Student Organization of the Year.

The event organizers had positive takeaways on how this year’s STORGYs went.

“It was awesome to have the opportunity to bring back the Student Organization Awards Ceremony this year to the students of Rhode Island College,” SCG Secretary Matthew Jacques said about the event. “For most students this was their first ever STORGY’s and from the people I had the opportunity to talk to during and after the event really enjoyed our awards ceremony. I would like to thank Gianna Rose, my student organization coordinator and the student organizations committee and all of our amazing members of Student Community Government and Executive Council for assisting me in planning and running the event.”

It wasn’t only Jacques who enjoyed how the event turned out. Winners of awards also had a positive outlook on how the night went.

“It’s great to see that the students are being celebrated for all their hard work and perseverance,” Brian Villa, who was president of LASO during the planning of their 50th anniversary event, told The Anchor. “As I said in my speech, LASO is proud to see many of our members become student leaders in prominent position’s in other organizations throughout Rhode Island College.”

Villa said he “felt joy” when asked what the feeling was like seeing LASO win multiple awards.

“We got to experience that moment with our members, faculty and staff who supported us every step of the way,” Villa added. “It also reminded me of the impact we had on Rhode Island College. I am looking forward to see what our group will achieve in their futures.”

Those in attendance not only got free food, danced to music played by WXIN and received recognition for the work their organization’s put in this year, but also left with a night to remember.


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