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"The Bubble": a lack-luster satirical comedy

Jenarita Plante

Anchor Staff Writer

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I stepped outside of my usual movie propensity to watch “The Bubble” on Netflix. The film was written and directed by Judd Apatow, also known for “40-Year Old Virgin '' and “Knocked Up”. It includes comedic cast Karen Gillan, well known for her role in “Doctor Who”, Pedro Pascal, Leslie Mann, and Keegan-Michael Key, just to name a few. It centers around Gillan who plays actress Carol Cobb. Cobb is sought out for a movie role in Cliff Beasts 6, where she will revive her role as Dr. Lacey Nightingale.

Due to being filmed during the Covid-19 era, the cast of Cliff Beasts 6 must live inside a bubble. They are not allowed to leave their luxury hotel and are shooting the film from there. Along the way, the cast is put in violent, sexual, and drug related situations, a clear reason for the R rating the movie obtained. “The Bubble” moves back and forth between the cast as regular people, as well as when they are acting in their roles. The Cliff Beast film they are shooting is about flying killer dinosaurs that they must defeat to survive. The cast is held at the hotel against their will, unable to leave until this neverending movie wraps up. One actress even has her hand shot off as she tries to escape, the security covering it up by saying they thought she was a crazed fan. The actors finally escape and become famous for their documentary about what happened behind the scenes filming Cliff Beasts 6.

Much like the cast, I felt pretty stuck watching the film. There were two or three occasions when I laughed out loud, but for most of the almost two hours, I sat in silence. Marketed as a satirical comedy, “The Bubble” was lackluster at most in its comedic relief. I had high hopes with the cast and directing, as I have seen many films from this group of actors and have loved many of them. I also love a well done satirical comedy. Unfortunately, this film fell short. I am not sure if it is because society is so done with the pandemic, or if the story just could’ve used a little more refining, but this was one bubble I just didn’t enjoy. I recommend scrolling on Netflix, as this is two hours you just won’t get back.


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