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The Anchorwomen reflect on their season

Nicklas Heminger

Sports Editor

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The Rhode Island College Anchorwomen basketball team has been dominant this season. At the time of publication, they currently sit at a 19-2 record, which includes a perfect 12-0 record in Little East Conference play this season.

The Anchorowomen entered the season off a trip to the Nation Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball Tournament last year, as well as back-to-back LEC Conference Championships. I sat down with seniors Izabelle Booth and Antonia Corsinetti, as well as Head Coach Jenna Cosgrove to discuss the season so far and expectations for the remainder of games.

The Anchorwomen have rattled off 18 straight wins, and with four games before the playoffs, Booth explained where the team’s focus is.

“Playoffs are coming up, so the focus is definitely going to start to be perfecting everything, cleaning up the game and seeing what little details need to be fixed,” Booth said. “But, everyone is really locked in and having a lot of fun with what we are doing.”

Taking a look back into the past has allowed the team to see the strides of improvement that they have taken this season. The Anchorwomen suffered two losses to nationally ranked opponents, Smith College and Babson, in the first three games of the season. Corsinetti believes that those losses helped teach the Anchorwomen lessons about competing at the highest level.

“I think those were just lessons for us,” Corsinetti said. “I think it just kind of hit us a little bit, and since then we have just kept rolling. Doing what we have to do and working hard in practices and games.”

Cosgrove shared a similar sentiment, saying, “I wish we could play those two teams again, since then we have had so much development and growth in chemistry. We are playing really well right now and we would be able to give them a game.”

Before the season started, Cosgrove spoke about the chemistry that she had seen with the women on the team and remarked that it was the most bonded of a team that she had coached.

Cosgrove, referencing that quote, said, “It’s different. The way the team gets hyped for one another. It speaks to how competitive practice is and how they stay focused and ready to improve.”

It is not just Cosgrove who feels this way, the players also agree that the team chemistry is unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

“It is definitely very different,” Booth said. “I can say that this is the best team that I have ever played with and played for. The way that everyone is on the same page, the way that everyone supports one another. It’s just a great place to get better.”

“This is the most close team and the most bonded team that we have had,” Corsinetti added. “We are there for each other, we love each other. We have bonded closer relationships personal wise, getting to know each other as a person and not just a teammate.”

The goals for the Anchorwomen have not changed despite posting an impressive 19-2 record, with four games remaining in the season. “Goal is to keep doing what we are doing, not change what we are doing,” Cosgrove said. “We want to stay healthy and really keep playing better and better.”

As for Corsinetti and Booth, both mentioned playing solid defense was one of their main goals of the season.

“She (Cosgrove) constantly preached defense and rebounding,” Booth said. “If you can play individual and team defense, and rebound on both sides of the ball, we will come out victorious. We really take pride in out defense. I would like to keep seeing us play clean and take care of the ball. Defensively, we have been killing it and dominating, so I would like to see that continue. I would like us to hold some of these better teams to under 50 points, something that’s a huge statement.”

The Anchorwomen look to close out their regular season on a high note, before turning to the LEC conference tournament. One thing is for certain: They are not taking this season for granted.

The Anchorwomen travel to Eastern Connecticut State on Wednesday to take on the Warriors at 5 p.m. in LEC play. Then the Anchorwomen are back home on Saturday, when they host Umass Boston at 1 p.m. for Pink out for Cancer Night.


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