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Support your local artist; Timothy Carroll

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo by Timothy Carroll

Many have not given thought to the art of tattooing within a pandemic. Artists are still in business and received little to no government help during the nationwide quarantine. The only brightside to roll down the hill of chaos for tattoo artists was a backed up calendar. As tattoo artists have months of no pay that need to get compensated for, the absolute best time to get a tattoo is now. Rhode Island contains much talent with the tattoo industry throughout various shops from Holdsteady, to Paradigm, or even Body Canvas PVD Custom Tattoo. Although stellar artists are creating all over this state, a man who works with any style while manifesting priceless work is United Ink artist Timothy Carroll.

After venturing through various states and various artists, a true master had been found. Harbored in the town of Warwick is renowned artist Timothy Carroll. On Post road sits half hair salon half tattoo parlor, entitled Sunny & Shears x United Ink. Carroll has been working at United Ink for two years. The family of artists at United Ink present style and charisma with eye catching pieces that are easily identified. This year has demonstrated that local is the way to go, whether it is with an uprising or shopping, the best way to start is to support a local artist.

Carroll is an artist that does tattoos, portraits, drawings, and spray paint art. He does just about every single artistic style, although his preferred style is photo realism. This man started tattooing at 23 and has been at it for the last 13 years. Carroll used to be a carpenter, but was always good at drawing. One day he decided to pick up a tattoo gun to see what he could do. The change in careers is something Carroll will never regret, not even during this pandemic. He has done 90% of his own tattoos and became a licensed tattoo artist in 2010.

The state of the pandemic has only affected Rhode Island's tattoo industry with the brief pause in appointments. The appointments that had to be canceled were rescheduled with first priority, but the shops are back to proper scheduling. CDC guidelines have been implemented, meaning only the person being tattooed is allowed to be present during the appointment, masks need to be worn at all times, and temperatures have to be taken upon arrival.

Down payments are only required for custom pieces, as he takes the time to truly divulge into the piece. Custom challenges are welcome. This is an artist that knows his worth and capability, but he refuses to be cocky and say that his work is the best. Carroll will direct you to any other artist in the shop if he knows they can steer the vision in a better direction. His love for the career lies within the sentimental value of having someone walk around with art on their body forever.

This artist can take on any idea and tattoo in any style. His black and white realism is astonishing, his galactic color work is breathtaking and his work is distinguishable. Carroll respects all of his clientele. Skin is just skin, and he looks at a body as a canvass. He works with persistence and diligence. He has a fast moving hand, but does not rush. While he works, he plays a variety of music stretching from Dolly Parton, to Slayer, to BabyMetal. Any tattoo appointment at United Ink is a sure excitement.

Tim Carroll is by far one of the best local artists because he judges a price by the piece and not by the hour. Tim Carroll is an artist who will overall stupefy everyone. His work is astounding and clearly skillful. You can find him on Instagram @timothycarroll7004 and on Facebook under The United Ink page. If you would like a tattoo appraisal please contact him between the normal shop hours of 2 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Photo by Timothy Carroll


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