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Student leaders honored at the 2023 Student Leadership Awards

Raymond Baccari


Members of Rhode Island College’s campus community gathered in the Student Union Ballroom last week for this year’s Student Leadership Awards. Student leaders are awarded during this annual ceremony for their leadership shown throughout the school year.

During each year’s ceremony, there is a keynote speaker. This year’s speaker was Joshua Laguerre, who graduated in 2010 and was president for both Student Community Government and Harambee during his time at RIC.

“Remember that no matter where you are in your RIC experience, from freshman to senior to somewhere in between, as long as you have mentors, good friends, and you’re really focusing on yourself, you’ll get yourself through all times, good and bad,” Laguerre said during his speech. “Build and invest in meaningful relationships because your friends will be there to celebrate you through good times like when you’re here today, or when things aren’t going through good times. None of you are here by accident. You’re here because you believe in yourself and you invest in yourself. So, I challenge you all to double-down on that investment.”

Last month, Rhode Island College students, faculty and staff were asked to nominate students who they felt exemplified student leaders on campus. There were several categories such as rising star, student employee, vital contribution to the community, etc.

These were the students awarded from this year’s event:

  • Paola Diaz won the Rising Star award.

  • Shannon McDonald won the Campus Spirit award.

  • Marisleysis Contreras won the Student Employment award.

  • Emily DeLuca won the Outstanding Graduate Student award.

  • Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity won the Organization Outreach award.

  • Both Madison Holden and Mackenzie Raimond won the Vital Contribution to the Community award.

  • Thomas “TJ” Clifford won the Alan J. Chile Leadership Excellence Award.

“All the winners and nominees are on a solid trajectory to even more amazing things,” Kristen Salemi, director of the student union, told The Anchor after the event. “I can't wait to watch and see where their journeys take them within their careers and lifetime.”

Every student who was nominated for an award also received a certificate of nomination. Over 60 students were nominated.

A full recording of the event can be found on Anchor TV’s YouTube channel by clicking here.


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