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Student Community Government usher in change at parliamentary meeting

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Shawnna Forget

News Editor

On Sept. 27, a Student Community Government (SCG) Parliament Meeting took place at Rhode Island College. During this meeting, the SCG’s representatives began with announcements for a conference, followed by Vice President Frank Castello congratulating the newly elected class officers and urging them to join the organization.

After each parliament member made all necessary announcements and agendas for each committee, the floor was transitioned to explain some new administrative changes to SCG. Specifically, SCG is making changes to the constituencies.

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Speaker Gianna DelMonico explains that during the COVID-19 pandemic, SCG had gotten rid of the constituency, which required candidates to receive signatures from individuals in their school of education, meaning the school in which they are majoring in, which was frozen to allow a larger pool of students to get involved. President Matthew Jaques says the goal is to fair an even amount of representation from schools of education here at RIC. This breakdown will include several commuter students, residents and ten students representing the five RIC schools.

This new compromise allows a combination of students at large, as well as students who have obtained the required votes. Any RIC student can sign for any of the representative positions for parliament.

Jaques also foreshadows some changes coming in the future. SCG is looking to give the president from each class a seat in parliament to provide more representation amongst all graduating classes. Jaques and Castillo will also meet with RIC representatives to discuss the college funding for graduate representative seats and events. This comes following crucial scrutiny of said funding and is on the immediate agenda for SCG.

For any students interested in joining any committees in the Student Community Government, please contact

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