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“Shoresy” is coming to Hulu

Kaicie Boeglin


Image via YouTube

YouTube creators back up with the compilations and make way for the real thing: "Shoresy" comes to TV screens in spring 2022. After 10 seasons of "Letterkenny" the show finally teased its first spin-off which gives a face to the infamous character Shoresy.

Shoresy is known to be played by Jared keeso who also plays the main character Wayne. Although this is known widely by the audience, the show refuses to let them see Shoresy's face. The character is known for his antagonizing jokes of the hockey players as well as for being #69 on the team. Due to this there is a hope in the spinoff for a Wayne cameo, in which the audience does not see his face but we know it is him.

The show "Shoresy" will be exclusive to Hulu and Crave. An official air date has not been released yet, although show creator and actor Jared keeso states it will be up before the end of Spring 2022. If you haven't caught up with all 10 seasons of Letterkenny make sure you sit back with your tall glass of Gus n' Bru and catch up.

To be fair, every viewer will need to understand the language of the show in order to truly get the satire and comedy. Ferda. The show is all about word play and as Squirrely Dan says "that's what we appreciates abouts its". Each season only has six or seven episodes that are all about half an hour. Every episode is bound to captivate but if they're short on time then go right for season 5 episode 4, "The Letterkenny Spelling Bee". From start to finish you will see why Letterkenny fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for "Shoresy".


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