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Student Community Government to hold induction ceremony Thursday

Raymond Baccari


Flyer created by Asley Corrales

Student Community Government (SCG) are holding an induction ceremony for their Student Parliament Officers on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. in Alger hall, room 110. The ceremony is a formal event where the officers take a formal oath for their one-year term. The four SCG officers who’ll take their oath to office are President Matthew Thureson, Vice President Asley Corrales, Secretary Matthew Jacques, Treasurer Fathia Obabiyi, Speaker James Torres and Deputy Speaker Thomas Fura.

This tradition and prestigious event is back for the first time, on full display in front of the Rhode Island College community, in over three years. The last time SCG’s induction ceremony took place was in June of 2019. COVID-19 prevented this event from happening in the years 2020 and 2021.

Typically, these ceremonies take place on June 1 when SCG’s elected officers start their term that lasts a whole academic year. This year’s event saw a delay due to lingering COVID guidelines and a lack of institutional knowledge that followed almost two school years of distance learning. It’s likely that each ceremony moving forward will follow the precedent of matching that timeline of new officers starting their terms.

Doors for this event are open to members of the RIC community starting at 11 a.m. Director of RIC’s Dining & Retail Food Services and Staff Representative for SCG, Arthur Patrie, will be an MC for this event.

Typically, the previous officers will do the oath for each of the new officers. In this case, RIC President Jack Warner will receive Thureson’s oath as president of SCG. Once Thureson is given his SCG pin, he will receive the oath for Corrales, Jacques, Obabiyi, Torres and Fura, who also get their own pin.

Thureson and Warner are set to give speeches during the ceremony. Refreshments will be available afterward.

Those who are interested in attending are encouraged to RSVP by Wednesday, Oct. 19 at noon. Corrales is available to answer any additional questions or information those in the RIC community may need by email at The SCG office are also available to answer questions and provide more details via email at



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