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Rising artist at Rising Tide

Kaicie Boeglin


Tattoo by Shane Fagan via Instagram via @tattoos_by_su

People are always looking for the next best tattoo artist. Hidden in the realm of West Warwick is Rising Tide Tattoo, which beholds upcoming tattoo artist Shane Fagan. He is best known for his deeply detailed portraits, abstract concepts and hilarious persona.

Fagan has been affiliated with Rising Tide since Jan. 2019 and has apprenticed under various mentors to enrich his skills. Presently apprenticing under well known artist Meezo Valez, Fagan has been able to perfect realism while networking his talents at tattoo conventions across the country. This man has tattooed many individuals from Rhode Island and West Virginia to Chicago and back. He is no stranger to travel and is easily adaptable.

Fagan started by tattooing himself and friends in high school and received his first apprenticeship right after graduation in 2018. The career fully developed into his only daily job in Dec. 2020. His specialty is black and grey realism, illustrated, and neo traditional tattoos. Fagan has skill in color, however he feels that a black, white and grey scale creates more depth.

The shop minimum is $60 and Fagan's charge is $125 an hour, going down to $100 per hour after three hours. All clients receive a rough estimate before their tattoo appointment. Rising Tide is open Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. then Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. This shop is full of exceptionally skilled artists and it is no surprise Shane Fagan finds sanctuary there. Rising Tide Tattoo is located at 1527 Main St., West Warwick, RI and can be reached at (401) 821-1550.

For the best of his work please refer to his Instagram account @tattoos_by_su401. The highlights show work from portraits, abstract concepts, walk-ins and his favorite pieces. To enhance this portfolio Fagan has offered a deal on black and white portraits during the month of January. Portraits from a live action TV show or movie are $100 until the end of the month. To find out more details stop in Rising Tide or send a message directly to @tattoos_by_su401.


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