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RIC Programming rings in the Halloween season with “Horrorween”

Kelcy Conroy

Staff Writer

On October 25 from 7-11pm, the Programming Board hosted their “biggest event of the semester,” their “Horrorween” party. For those unfamiliar with the Programming Board, they help plan different events on campus, including this party. Many people attended and different activities were at every corner.

Free food brings students to events like a moth to a lamp and this was no exception. Food items included salad, different types of chicken wings, beef empanadas and dessert platters with many different sweets such as mini cheesecake pieces and pastries. Gift bags with candy were also handed out and were up for grabs near the entrance. Drinks included sodas such as Starry, Pepsi, and ginger ale as well as water.

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Activities were a huge hit. Raffles for AirPods and an iPad took place and a costume contest with the prize of a $100 Visa gift card happened as well. Aside from these, there was pumpkin painting, games that included a clean version of beer pong, an inflatable ring toss, a stuff-a-bear table where you could pick out either a pumpkin or a bat to stuff, tarot card readings and an airbrush artist who designed free shirts. Music also played all night and it was apparent that the atmosphere was vibrant and bright.

Outside on the Quad, away from all the action and noise of the party, there were more activities. Three inflatables were set up: a giant pumpkin bounce house, a spooky slide and a “Ride the Pumpkin” ride where people were challenged to stay on the moving pumpkin for as long as possible. Hot chocolate complete with marshmallows and refreshing hot apple cider, both courtesy of Donovan Dining Center, were both served outside as well.

Overall, “Horrorween” was a very exciting event that served as a well deserved break from midterms. I personally very much enjoyed the event. I felt very entertained by all of the activities going on and the food, especially the beef empanadas, was very delicious. Events like these make me want to attend more Programming events in the future because these events have proven to be very entertaining for the student body. The atmosphere was exciting and it helped everyone get into the spooky spirit even during midterms.


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