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Review your resume with an expert on Nov. 14

Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro

Managing Editor

Flyer created by Jiyeon Johnston

Rhode Island College’s Career Development Center is hosting a resume workshop next week on Monday, Nov. 14 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This workshop, which is open to both current students and alumni, will take place in the Career Development Center’s office on Level 1A of the Adam’s Library.

“At the Career Development Center, we are always trying to think of a way to get our students involved

with our services,” Sofia Cordeiro, peer advisor at the Career Development Center told The Anchor. “Whether you are a senior graduating thinking about the job search, a freshman trying to find a part time job, or alumni who graduated 20 years ago. A resume is crucial to anyone, we offer one on one appointments to review resumes with our career counselors.”

This is an opportunity for RIC students to sit down one-on-one with an expert to have their resume reviewed. They will receive feedback on their resume and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Resume development is an important tool to highlight one’s individual accomplishments as well as their skills, interests and extracurricular activities. Potential employers review resumes to see if someone is qualified for a position and to get a feel for their personality.

Getting a resume looked at by an expert will not only provide tips to enhance the current version, but will also give those who attend this workshop skills to continue to develop their resume as they develop professionally. This is echoed by organizers of the workshop.

“Having a resume shows what you have accomplished and what you can bring to the company you’re

applying to. Having a good resume will stand out. Keep in mind that there are multiple applicants to any

job that you apply to,” Cordeiro said.

The Career Development Center also carefully planned this workshop in a way to ensure every student who attends feels both welcome and comfortable.

“When planning this event, we made sure to keep a positive and light energy in this workshop and we will have soft music playing in the background,” Cordeiro added.

Food and beverages will also be provided.


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