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Registration for fall classes opens up soon

Raymond Baccari


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Students at Rhode Island College will soon be able to register for classes to take in the fall 2023 semester.

Registration for the fall 2023 semester starts for seniors, meaning a student who has earned 90 or more credits, on Wednesday, April 12. The registration date for juniors, which is a student who has earned between 60 and 89 credits, is set for Friday, April 14. Sophomores, which are students who have earned between 30 and 59 credits, will be able to register for their courses on Tuesday, April 18. Freshmen, which are students who have earned between 0 and 29 credits, can register for classes on Thursday, April 20.

Non-degree students can register for classes on Wednesday, April 26.

Students who want to know what day and time they are able to register for classes can sign into their MyRIC account and visit the Student Center page.

Before students can start registering for their desired courses, they must speak with their advisor first. The reason why is that every student is given a universal advising hold on their MyRIC account. This can only be lifted by a student’s advisor, which requires students to communicate with their advisor on what classes they will need to take.

Some advisors may require a meeting to be scheduled via Starfish. Other advisors may just prefer an in person or Zoom meeting.

Those who do not currently have an advisor are urged to contact their department and will be assigned one. Students who are exploring and/or nursing intended are asked to reach out to the Academic Advising Office. Their office is in the Adams Library and can be reached via email at

There may be additional holds aside from universal advising. Two other holds students may notice on their accounts are a financial, library or immunization hold.

Those who notice a financial hold after logging into their MyRIC are urged to contact the Bursar’s office by phone at 401-456-8130. In the event of a library hold, RIC asks that students reach out to the Access Services department by phone at 401-456-9617. And for a immunization hold, Health Services are reachable by phone at 401-456-8055.

Registering for classes itself is all done through the MyRIC website. After logging in, the “Add Class” option can be found under the “Enrollment” section on the page’s left hand column. The steps to finish selecting classes afterward vary from student to student. A new non-degree student may have extra steps compared to a current student. New students will have to create their MyRIC account before selecting classes. Instructions can be found on the RIC website.

Once a student figures out what classes they want to register for, they can add it to their enrollment shopping cart. The classes stay in the shopping cart, and students just have to click a couple of buttons, saving them the time it would take to search for each class, on registration day.

A full list of all the classes being offered at RIC in the fall can be viewed through the course bulletin by clicking here.


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