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“Positively RIC!” 2023 is next month

Angelina Coppola

Art Director

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In multiple ways, the end of the spring semester can feel overwhelming for students. Some of the priorities that add pressure on students include exams, advising appointments and rushing to create their fall semester plans, hoping to get everything settled by the time summer arrives.

During next month, there is an opportunity for RIC students and organizations to both connect with each other and take their minds off the stressfulness the end of an academic year can bring. This opportunity is “Positively RIC!”.

“Positively RIC!” is a series of events on campus held by the student organizations at RIC, but this is different from the twice-a-year student activities fair. Instead of standard booths and flyers, clubs are creating their own events to add to the “Positively RIC!” roster.

Students on campus have a chance to engage with all student organizations during these events. Not only can they get a look at what each club is about, but this also can help organizations with recruitment of new members.

This year’s “Positively RIC!” lineup runs from March 13 to March 31, kicking off the return from spring break. Students can attend as many events to their liking and earn points for each event they attend, with each event being worth one point. The points can then be used to exchange for the following “Positively RIC!” prizes:

  • Go to any one program and get a “Positively RIC!” cup and decal.

  • Five or more points can be cashed in for a “Positively RIC!” bucket hat.

  • 10 or more points can be cashed in for a T-shirt.

  • And 15 or more points will reward students with a swag bag and entry into a raffle. The raffle’s grand prize is two Six Flags tickets complete with fast passes and meals.

As RIC gravitates away from a period of time where classes and club events were held over zoom, “Positively RIC!” is a way to re-energize student connections on campus and help them get more out of their college experience.

Student organizations who want to plan an event can do so using the “Positively RIC!” program registration form here. Events being held are going to be one hour, and can be either an individual or group event. Organizations who plan to fill out this form have until Wednesday, March 1.

Space and time will be reserved for each organization’s event in the lineup, however costs for these events are the responsibility of said organizations. The Student Union will also promote each event on RIC’s events page.

Additional questions can be emailed to Miranda DiCenzo, who is a graduate assistant in the Student Union, at


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