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Opportunity to learn time management and goal setting

Mel Rising Dawn Cordeiro

Managing Editor

Image via Marko Klaric/Pexels

Time management and goal setting are two essential skills a number of college students wish they knew. Students have an opportunity on Thursday at 11 a.m. to participate in a free workshop hosted by the Academic Success Center that teaches those very skills. The workshop will be held in Adams Library lower level conference room 165. This is the second of four time management and goal setting workshops that will be held this semester.

College aside, time management is a life skill everyone uses at some point in their life. Effective time management allows for the prioritization of school work, professional work, social life and hobbies. Determining what the most important priority is allows for tasks to be completed when due and allows for freedom to plan other activities, such as mealtime, socialization with friends and sleeping. It also reduces stress, as the tasks at hand are all laid out in an orderly fashion.

Having the ability to see what needs to be done benefits the mind, too, by allowing the brain to focus on the task at hand. This skill is certainly one that transcends the college experience, as this is an important skill set that employers look for, too.

Goal setting is also a life skill most people either use or seek to learn. Goals are different for everyone and there are even different types of goals. For example, individuals set personal goals, such as weight loss goals, general fitness goals, educational goals or even social goals. There are also professional goals, where an individual works towards their dream job or even on smaller goals towards a promotion. Oftentimes, these goals overlap each other, as in some cases educational goals are necessary to complete professional goals.

This informational workshop is geared toward helping attendees visualize their goals, building the skill set needed to make those goals and sticking to them. The time management skills learned in this workshop can also benefit goal setting, as effective time management will lead to the completion of said goals in a timely manner.

Those who have struggled with both time management and goal setting are urged by the workshop’s organizers to attend. The skills learned at the event could help set the basic building blocks for future endeavors, both personal and professional.

The Academic Success Center has future workshops in store for this semester. Other workshop topics include note taking, college-level reading, test taking strategies and studying in the lab sciences.



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