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Ocean of Illusions to come to the Ocean State

Kaicie Boeglin


Graphic by Kaicie Boeglin

It is time to introduce Rhode Island to an all time favorite. Cheers to the bands that know being human is hard, but continue to power through. Hailing from Bergen County, New Jersey is deathcore band Ocean of Illusions and they are coming to Rhode Island for the first time in April 2022. This band has been creeping up the scale of fame working with names such as Lorna Shore, Barbarian, Monument of a Memory, Planetary Alignment and so many more. Ocean of Illusions is a sensation both on stage and through the speakers with a sound reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse and Amon Amarth – but with an operatic twist.

Ocean of Illusions will be playing a set during A Sounds Sick Perspective, on April 29, at Fête Music Hall. This show is the concert presented by the 2022 RIC Senior Class to honor the 2022 graduates. The set will be on the ballroom stage starting at 7:40 p.m. Oceans is a group that plays weddings, birthdays, theaters, restaurants, and outdoor barbecues with over the top sportsmanship. This band puts heart and soul into every track and every set. Every member contributes efforts and ideas allowing the music to connect them as a whole.

The men in Ocean of Illusions have released three EPs and multiple singles. I was first struck by “Arboreal Hate” back in late 2017 and now I recommend “Ümvelt '' from the band's most recent work of art – their album Unrecognizable. The band has worked with Dave Ricco from Ascending From Ashes and Chris Wiseman of Shadow of Intent, and Currents. Working with these well known names and playing a wide range of shows has helped to develop name recognition. The second EP was self titled and contains some of fans favorite songs, such as “Jukai”, “Lost Within the Tapestry” ft. Will Ramos of Lorna Shore, and “Paradigm of Lies”.

The ultimate goal is to initiate something fresh in the deep alternative scene. The band works non stop to achieve this goal. Guitarist Josh Held noted, “I think we have a lot of talented guys involved in what we’re doing and the result is something that we can be proud of.” In various Instagram posts the band and indivuyal members expressed pure joy for getting to bring their vision out to Rhode Island.

Just like Tech N9ne combines orchestra with rap, Ocean of Illusions has a sound that combines opera and metal instrumentals. All songs will make you want to headbang, but as vocalist Zachary Howard says, “[oceans] is just fight music with choirs in the back.” The band has focused on making moves strategically to cultivate a fanbase and not lose anyone along the way.

Influences for their music are taken from all over, due to the members' varying styles. The older sound was more rhythm centered on heavier parts and contained less leads and solos. The second record was more orchestrated, containing more synth and had a heavier lead sound; all while still maintaining the slams as preference of Kedwin Ramirez, the band’s drummer.

Ocean of Illusions can be found on Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Facebook and Bandcamp. Tickets for A Sounds Sick Perspective are now on sale for $20 — $10 for RIC students with a student ID. Email to secure your ticket before they sell out.


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