National Poetry out loud 2021-2022

Sh-Ron Almeida

Asst. Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Poetry is a powerful art form. A subject as old as time and religion. Through imaginative awareness of experiences and emotional responses, everyone has a story to tell. By twisting the language, you create something that provokes meaning, sound, and rhythm. Poems are relatable and immersive. You gain a sense of confidence with your work and a sense of satisfaction as you share your gift with others. The first time I dipped my toes into poetry was back in middle school and high school. Now as an adult, I find it a whole lot easier to get the words out there than before. Since our return from summer break, the number of poems in the Anchor Newspaper’s Arts section has drastically improved this fall semester. We’ve had plenty of writers who were willing to lend their voice to a blank sheet of paper and the poems aren’t slowing down anytime soon.