Malcolm & Marie – One Long, Toxic, and Exhausting Lover’s Quarrel

Sh-Ron Almeida Anchor Staff

Photo via Netflix

After returning home from his movie premiere, a filmmaker, Malcolm, and his girlfriend, Marie, are forced to confront the pent-up emotions and revelations they’ve hidden from themselves and each other. Sometimes, we must consider a few things about relationships. When there are two people who form a strong romantic bond, whether in fiction or reality, is it authentic? Sadly, it’s not as simple as that. These relationships aren’t always going to be the perfect fairy tales. Sometimes, it can be a tragic, poisonous ticking time-bomb that nearly destroys both sides. But the film did a poor job depicting a turbulent relationship. Instead, it spent the entire runtime pitting the two lovers against each other through vicious, verbal feuding for us to feel anything other than emotional and physical fatigue. For the most part, the actors behind the characters dished out strong performances throughout the movie. You can tell that Zendaya and John David Washington were doing their absolute best to work with what they had to bring these two dysfunctional characters to life. Considering they played important roles in their previous works, J.D.W in Spike Lee’s “The BlacKKKlansman” and Zendaya in HBO’s hit “Euphoria,” I expected nothing less. They both expressed a