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Logee’s: a perfect pastime for plant lovers

Sophia Guerrier

A&E Editor

Photo via Hartford Courant

Cruising on the stretched grey roads of US-6E with the pre-mature summer air flowing throughout my beloved Honda Civic, I made my way to one of Connecticut’s premier greenhouses with my even more beloved partner in crime. Passing by the sparkling reservoir on both sides of the road, lanky green pine trees guided the way to the home of hundreds of leafy plants encompassed under transparent white glass. Logee’s is the plant haven where gardeners and plant enthusiasts gather for a world of overstimulation.

Logee’s stands as a seemingly small white house on the side of a residential street in Killingly, CT. It is truly a deceiving front considering the capacity of plants that overflood your pupils the moment that you follow the “please enter here” signs into the first greenhouse. Once inside, it is a sea, land and sky of protruding branches, leaves and oranges. Plants are literally everywhere. Lining the sides of the greenhouses were an array of cartons holding all sizes of flowering and leafy plants. Begonias, Orchids, Eucalyptus, just to name a very small few, were sheltered with a number of different colored plants within their plant family. Lemon trees stood proud in the center of the green terrain as an orange tree loomed above everything like an overseer. Carnivorous plants defended their section and cacti represented their own.

I picked up a Pelargonin Mable Grey, a dark green, tree-like plant, and read that its soft leaves can be used in Lemon cake. Not only are you selectively roaming through plants but you are learning about them as well.

A door labeled “herb house” lures your attention to enter another greenhouse full of fresh herbs. The combined aroma of basil and numerous zesty little herbs is an enticing experience for the senses and people looking to spice up their salads. Banana, avocado and lime trees are ready to be purchased for those looking to naturally grow their diet themselves as well. It’s almost impossible to name every flower and plant available within Logee’s greenhouses but it is safe to say that they will have what you are looking for. Whether it’s pollinator plants, shrubs for your yard or a simple succulent they have it and all for reasonable prices. In a line to pay there is a beautiful miniature water fixture that contains small lily pads and other water plants. Within the fixture there are two small amphibians living within the green world, although they are not for sale. Anyone with a beginning to an expert interest in plants will be impressed by the plant shopping experience Logee’s has to offer. It is worth the trip on any given weekend.


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