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Livin’ like a local: Zvck

Kaicie Boeglin


Photo via Instagram via @_itszvck

Everyone grows up with at least one dream in mind. Some take that dream and turn it into a goal. Few take the goal and run as far as they can go with it. Zack Baldwin is an upcoming Rhode Island rapper and painter that is constantly releasing new work through various mediums.

Professionally known as Zvck with two dots over the V – this artist is a natural born performer and creative soul. Also known as one of Rhode Island’s Goodfellas, Zvck is well known for his flow and gritty rhythm. He is smart and knows his place – there’s no point in trying to level up if you have a hand in making the game. Creative management is something many overlook when talking about growing in the industry. Investing a story into a track means more than random words over noise. Put Zvck and Chach on the same track and you won’t only hear a story, you’ll want to change your outlook on life.

Zvck is the founder of Baldwin Arts and his creations can be viewed on Instagram with the handle @baldwinarts401. His art comes with style whether it's a painting, collage, boxing gloves, or simply the photo itself. Baldwin Arts is a mix of urban, abstract, modern and expressionism. “Hell on Earth” is an example of a piece that can speak to the modern individual.

When Zvck isn’t working on art or spittin’ in the booth, he is most likely filming his next music video. Zvck is a resident recorder in The Boiler Room and gets his visuals done by @ILIKETHURSDAYS. Zvck will be performing for Rhode Island College seniors at the senior class concert on April 29. The concert is being named A Sounds Sick Perspective and will be happening at Fête Music Hall, 103 Dike Street, Providence. Zvck will be performing in the Lounge and has surprises in the works for that night. Tickets are $20 and $10 for RIC students with a valid student ID. Any ticket for the show purchased directly through Zvck supports his performance for the night.

Make sure to follow Zvck on Instagram at @_itszvck to stay up to date with all of his music and performances.


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