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Livin’ Like a Local: This Curse

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo by Joe Flannery

Pandemic life is not only a test for the music scene as a whole, but a personal battle for the soul of a musician. A band that rocked the alternative scene up and down the East Coast pre-pandemic now uses this time to cultivate a new sound, new sense of motivation and new respect for the artform. This Curse is a quartet post-metalcore band, formed of Ethan Kennedy for vocals, Joey Galletta for vocals and guitar, Jake Fletcher on drums and Branton Shpilevsky playing the keys. This Curse has a growing fanbase that is advancing at a steady rate, with 1,383 monthly listeners. The band has released three EP’s and is rumored to be working on the fourth. Separate Yourself; 2014, Emergence; 2016 and From The Darkest of Places; 2018. Based out of New Jersey, this band travels to Pennsylvania to record and all around the East Coast to play shows. Their songs have varied dynamics and rhythmic vocals mixed in with screams; even through the screams, one can hear perfect articulation. When asked what makes the band stand out most; lead vocalist Kennedy stated “we try to incorporate the influences we have no matter what genre, and we put a spin on our music from those influences without ripping them off or copying them.”

They are no strangers to pushing the barriers and boundaries of heavy music, but rumour has it This Curse may be moving to the lighter side of the spectrum. Even though this band is on a regional rise, they have toured and shared the stage with bands such as Motionless In White, Attila, Chelsea Grin, Dance Gavin Dance and Veil of Maya. This band will take the East Coast’s alternative scene by storm when given the chance. Their audience, no matter the venue or state, will admire their showmanship and energy on stage. If one isn’t rocking out or moshing, they’re probably shocked by Fletcher’s footwork on the drums or the energetic bromance between the friends. This year could have continued a trend of releasing an EP every two years, which beckons the question: is COVID-19 a pause on recording, or rather a time to expand musically, thus providing a bigger comeback in 2021. Talks of events and concerts in 2021 are beginning, and fans wonder if when they do, will the rumors regarding This Curse be true.


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