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Livin’ like a local: Sad Heroes

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo via @itsmariahsalter on Instagram

The 2021 Nirvana is on the rise but by the name Sad Heroes. Avi Turner, Zach Szydlo and Shmu Turner are a trio climbing out of the depths of the New York music scene into the mainstream spotlight.

This band takes pieces of blues rock, grunge and lo-fi and wraps it into a post hardcore bundle. These storytellers are supported by a soft but strong voice and powerful momentum. They branded themselves America's most hated boy band but also "a Grammy award watching band." Currently they have an EP from 2017 Madness and two singles from 2020 and 2021 released for streaming across YouTube, Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify.

Avi Turner fronts the band as he is their singer. Zach Szydlo produces the bass lines and guitar work. Shmu Turner takes the duty of thundering the drums. Picture if The Verve, Coldplay, Issues and I Prevail collided in a science experiment: that's Sad Heroes. My favorite tune is their song "The Parade" but the video for "Houses" is a fan favorite too. It’s all about the philosophical lyrics that attaches fans in this case. More fans have a chance to be drawn in by Turner’s lyrics which evoke thought. All writers have their intended meaning but when songs also allow for open ended interpretation it widens the span of the fan base.

The band has been working hard through the pandemic releasing two music videos and working towards dropping new work. In October the band released "Sunny Side down," following it up with “Houses” in early January. Both videos contain a story and make the viewer question certain characteristics of life such as fault, chance and probability. It's a psychological thing, deeper than the visuals and hidden with the lyrics. Listen for yourself and find your own meaning. Keep updated on when they drop the new album by following their Instagram or liking their Facebook page.


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