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Livin’ like a local: Pomegranate Tea

Kaicie Boeglin


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It’s time to spill the tea. Motivation and dedication may be key, but the true talent lies within sustaining a vibe. Pomegranate Tea is a group that smacks you in the face with an alternative fever dream. Turn up the volume and put both headphones on – you’ll be transported to the early 2000’s punk scene.

Pomegranate Tea is a supersonic group. The trio are from Fall River, Massachusetts and Tiverton, Rhode Island. All three members are full time college students at separate universities and juggle jobs on top of playing constant shows as Pomegranate Tea. The band also goes by Pom Tea and consists of Matt, Reece and Adam. This emo-pop/pop-punk group pulls influence from all over but has an overall sound similar to a love child of Joyce Manor, Charmer, Worst Party Ever, Green Day, The Dirty Nil, and Prince

Daddy and The Hyena. Yes – all of them. Lyrics, instrumentation and final production are all equal in what sets this group apart from others.

In an exclusive, the band broke out with "The most adamant part is definitely bringing instruments and vocals together to create a vibe for a song. Writing a song all about the vibe. People don’t listen to our kind of music for technical, advanced instrument playing. If they wanted that, they’d listen to Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover (shoutout Guitar Hero). And they don’t listen for JUST storytelling, if people wanted that, they’d read a book or watch a show. People want to feel a vibe, they want the song to make them feel a certain way. So when I write a song and bring it to the guys, the most important thing that I’m adamant about is that the song makes the listener feel a certain kind of way." It's the basis of creating a vibe that Pomegranate Tea uses to their advantage.

During the breakout of quarantine the group worked on tracks. All throughout quarantine the group laid down tracks in an EP. It wasn't until after this that the group came out on social media and established themselves as a band. The band is about to officially reach their one year anniversary in April. Matt added something all rising musicians know, “The worst part of being in a band is the period of time where you beg people to follow you on Instagram but have nothing to offer as far as streamable music or anything, so we made sure to skip out on that part completely.”

Matt is the frontman, playing guitar and doing lead vocals. Reece plays bass and does a lot of backing vocals. Adam, best known as Squid, is the drummer and offers comedic relief between songs during sets and while the group is tuning. Whether opening or headlining the show, every Pom Tea set will make you move and groove. Those that say they don't or can't dance will even bust a move. If you desire a streamline of music and beats that are new but provide nostalgia, then look no further than Pomegranate Tea.

The band will be performing live at the RIC 2022 senior class concert A Sounds Sick Perspective on April 29. The guys are currently selling tickets for the show and are set to open up the ballroom stage at 6:05 p.m. Pomegranate Tea releases their music on all streaming platforms. Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Bandcamp, Youtube, you name it and their tracks are on there. The guys can be found on Instagram @pom.tea with their personals being @mattybepis, @beece_brashley and @adam_chenier. They are on twitter as @pommtea. To book the band for any live performances please reach out to


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